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Industrial Design taken from "Ideation" to concept, to prototype, to full scale product development and production.

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About us

We have many years experience in Design and Marketing, which are the two key ingredients for successful product design and product development.

Fast creative design, plus project delivery at a high quality is our focus.

We are passionate about growing your business with design that makes a difference to your clients and to your bottom line.

Innovative industrial design, tailor made 3D solutions for retailers and manufacturers and marketers that increase your sales, by enhancing your brand image and Unique Selling Proposition to your ideal clients. Thus, helping them to choose and stay loyal to your brand.

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Our Services

  • 3D design and renderings for you and your clients
  • Satisfaction Index: Is based on our live qualitative market research, that reduces your risk of failure on any new project or product design. Making sure  your Clients will be happy to use the new design.
  • Speed: We use the “Arkt” design process, that saves you 50% of the normal design time on any project.
  • Proto-types and models built to your spec
  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards by our approved suppliers.
  • Installation done by true professionals to ensure that you get what your ordered. 

Why Choose Us?

Always on Time

Time is money and we want to save you both time and money.

Our processes on the designed phase will save you 50% of the normal time. 

Good Experience

We focus on the entire experience from start to finish to make it a valuable and profitable experience.

We try to reduce the pain of shopfitting as much as possible


We only use the best and most skilled and experienced team, to assist in each project. 

Some of our Designs

From Client Brief to Finished Product

Client Brief

Client Brief

This is the Client Brief for the Algae Reactor. Design a clear tube system that generates air bubbles from the bottom of a 300 mm clear tube, through 50 mm tubes entering at the top of the 300 mm tube again. This system needs to run at least 18 hours a day. 

Finished Product

Finished Product: We made it much stronger using thick glass, for the bigger container. We added a huge reservoir for overflowing water at the back and we added LED lights above the water to illuminate all bubbles.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Wow the service of Arkt is excellent. I couldn't ask for more than what you guys have done!
Arkt exceeded my expectations. I don’t have words to describe how I feel about it. I love the design.
Dealing with Arkt was so easy. When you send an email they respond immediately. They don’t take long to do the concept, and they finished in record time.
If you call them to make changes they do it immediately. I really appreciate their service.”

Letty Ngobeni

Founder Integrico

“The overall execution of the project was above expectation.

I was really impressed with the quality and communication during the project and keeping the client in the loop. They had the expertise and quality all within a very short timeline.

I will recommend Arkt to anyone. Quality of service and also when they tell you something, that is what you going to get.”

Dewald Vosloo 

MD, Devos Laboratory Consultants

Industrial Design - Product Design At Lightning Speed!

If you want your project on the fast track and have a design that will improve your bottom line then give us a call.